About Us

Who are we?

We are a private U.S. independent oil and gas company. Wadi Petroleum, Inc. was started by a second generation oil and gas family. We were organized in our present line of business from the outgrowth of its originating officer beginning employment in 1952 with a large major oil company for five years in production, exploration, geophysics and subsurface. During the next twenty-six years worked for medium sized companies in complete operations advancing to President and Chief Operating Officer. For the succeeding 10 years, the originating officer advised investments in capital markets for large investing companies in the oil and gas business. In 1992, he commenced operations of Wadi Petroleum, Inc. and subsequently brought in the next generation who now handle the operations. Over the last fifteen years Wadi has participated in 332 wells with varying levels of interest. Our production over that time period was 24.17 BCFG and 2.318 MMBO.

About Us | Wadi Petroleum, Inc.

What do we do?

Onshore domestic oil and gas exploration and production

How does Wadi obtain its projects?

We have acquired some production over the years, but our primary source of production comes from 3D seismic supported conventional prospects from outside generators.

How do we finance the Wadi Operations?

All of our drilling and acquisition activities are financed by its own cash flow on a joint interest basis with industry partners. We have no outside funding or debt.

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